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The European town Görlitz-Zgorzelec and its surroundings are pleasantly quiet in contrast to metropolises. People do not spend half their day in traffic jam. Citizens can move freely without stepping onto the tiptoes of others. Yet, you don’t have to feel lonely here. Find your way to join initiatives and clubs in the field of sports, culture and diverse free-time activities.
Be part of it in the club house or in a garden area, with tight regulations or be it easy-going – there are offerings to everyone. There are about 450 clubs and organisations in Görlitz. It’s a great feeling not to be alone and meet like-minded fellows.

Overview for clubs in Görlitz

There are also many initiatives and organisations in Zgorzelec, which help you to be connected.

Overview clubs in Zgorzelec

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Town of short distances

The daily life in Görlitz can be pleasant thanks to the developed service sector, modern health institutions, busses and tram, and an infrastructure which allows short distances to get around. Thanks to many child care institutions and schools, the town enables parents to live a balanced life between work and family time.

The European town with its numerous restaurants, cafés and bars, as well as its cultural highlights at museums, theatres, concerts and festivals invite guests and citizens to enjoy their free-time to the fullest on both sides of the river Neiße. For those seeking recreation, nature and adventure, the border triangle around Görlitz provides opportunities for all those desires – biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, swimming, surfing. The Berzdorfer lake right on the outskirts of Görlitz is truly a paradise to surfers. The Zittau Mountains, Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains are close at hand for all kinds of activities all year long. There are many other places to visit, such as the UNESCO world heritage site Fürst-Pückler-Park in Bad Muskau, the Jelenia Góra Valley with its castles, and the nearby cities of Wroclaw, Liberec, Prague and Dresden. Hence, life in Görlitz never has to be boring and families may spend their free time far away from a hectic, narrow and noisy life.

In Görlitz-Zgorzelec, an award-winning zoo, a swimming hall, a multiplex cinema, an ice rink and a park locomotive-course are only some of many ways to spend time.  
Only a few kilometres away, guests of all age can enjoy a visit of the adventure park of Turisede

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