Education in the European town Görlitz-Zgorzelec

There are first-class opportunities in the education sector for families and their children; there are 12 elementary schools, three special schools, five secondary schools and two grammar schools. Trainees get their education at the centre for occupational training and one of five private vocational schools.
Future IT specialists, social educational workers and cultural managers study at the university of Zittau-Görlitz located at the Neiße river with view to Zgorzelec.
In addition to that, there are many options for learning at the adult education centre, the public library and several private providers.

Overview Education Görlitz

Overview schools in Zgorzelec


Home to Scientists

Besides the university Zittau-Görlitz, the European town is home to many research institutes. Just in 2019, the German-Polish Casus-Institute was founded. There, researchers will study on complex systems such as global climate, the structure of stars and planets, traffic in metropolises, and metabolism in the human body. Part of the work is made possible thanks to enormously powerful digital tools. Thus, complex developments can be simulated and visualised in far better ways, allowing for more reliable forecasts, such as the analysis of exact data regarding socio-economic effects of climate change on Saxony.
The Senckenberg Society for biodiversity has been seated in Görlitz for a longer time. The society helps to pursue the 200 years-tradition of natural science in Görlitz, as studies on biodiversity, systematic and ecology on animals and plants continues.    
Further notable research institutes are Fraunhofer, which runs a learn lab for cyber security together with the university, as well as the interdisciplinary centre for ecological and revitalising urban restructuring. The IZS is a cooperative research institute for ecological spatial development of the TU Dresden. 
Academics and Science in Görlitz

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University Zittau/Görlitz - Studying without borders

You'll be pushed to find anywhere other than Zittau and Görlitz that offers such a great opportunity to study without borders. Here, in the midst of gorgeous landscapes in the tri-border region where Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland meet, you will find ideal conditions in which to study effectively and in close contact with the world of praxis. Currently, around 3,000 students have chosen to study at our University HSZG, and with good reason: Our 100 professors guarantee an outstanding teaching quality followed by excellent career prospects.

Foreign students also have the opportunity to study at HSZG. Exchange and research partnerships with universities both at home and abroad create a truly international atmosphere. In addition to the excellent study opportunities we offer, our region is rich in further attractions, and leisure and culture opportunities across and beyond the three borders. Dresden, Prague, Wrocław; the Zittau, Jizera, and Giant Mountains - here they are all close at hand.



Why University Zittau/Görlitz?

Dominika Bartecka, studies economics and languages and gives a hip-hop-course as part of university sports: "You don’t have to look far for inspiration."


Jeremy Cope: “Why live on an island when you can really live in the middle of Europe?”



Ewa Wieszczeczyńska, Faculty of Management and Cultural Studies
"Don’t be afraid of new challenges: I started working at Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz in Görlitz seven years ago. For the first few years I mostly associated the city with work and new professional challenges. I lived between two worlds – I associated Wrocław with my private life and Görlitz with my work life. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine moving out of a big city. But slowly I grew fond of Görlitz – through the people I met here and new friends I made, and through the charming atmosphere of the city with its history and unique cityscape. It was a completely new experience to be able to walk to work through the old town and parks. I can say that after a few years, having lived between two worlds, I have settled in Görlitz."


Mohamed Akram Ouzid from Morocco, studies tourism: "You can definitely experience something here as a student. There’s enough going on, but just enough that you don’t neglect your studies."



Prof. Dr. phil. Małgorzata Maćkowiak, Applied linguistics and translation studies in Polish
"A beautiful city, modern university with an extremely attractive range of educational opportunities and talented young people from half of Europe who are thirsty for knowledge - what more could a professor want?”


Cristiano Marcellino, Lecturer for romance languages at Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz: "I found a pleasant atmosphere here. The region offers excellent opportunities to stay active and I can really let it rip in the mountains."


Alina Bulcsu from Kazakhstan provides guidance to foreign students: "Why University Zittau/Görlitz? Short distances. Nice people. Wonderful nature."

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