Is my health insurance covered when I come to Görlitz?

Yes. You continue to be covered by your current health insurance, until you start a new job and register at a German health insurance company. The payments and recompense of an unwilling health insurance coverage can be simplified by the presentation of your European health insurance card. Further information can be found on the European Info-Portal

When you are facing language barriers, you can also find doctors and therapists in Görlitz with Polish and other language skills. Important health reports shall be organised and translated beforehand. 


How can I be covered?

In Germany, health insurance coverage is an obligation. As soon as a working contract comes into effect and you registered your residence in Germany, you can immediately become a member of a health insurance company, where you will get health and nursing insurance. For senior citizens and freelancers, this is only possible up to the age of 55. As alternative, you can choose many private health insurance companies for your coverage. Note that the monthly rates for private insurance will rise with your age.  

The big insurance company AOK plus has summarised some hints for international citizens. In addition to this, there are many other health insurance companies.

In Poland, you may see help with the ZUS, a social security bureau.

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