Görlitz & you: time for a change?

There’s probably a moment in your life when you think about personal changes. You ask yourself questions about your current living conditions, about your satisfaction or about new perspectives. You want fewer traffic jams and more space, proper relaxation in your free time and less stress at work. You would like to live better with your family, enjoy culture and art, discover nature or simply move more. In short, you are looking for a change!

Are you ready for Görlitz?

Görlitz is open to everyone – whether individualist, couple or family – who would like to rediscover themselves, who are looking for good job opportunities and really beautiful living spaces. Get to know and appreciate the colorful diversity and the practical advantages of Görlitz! Test out how our city and you can fit together. And then it would be best if you came to us in the European city - we would be very happy to welcome you personally!

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Quality of life has a home here.

In Göritz, many things come together: fine living and short distances, varied jobs and a healthy climate. We also have plenty to offer for your work-life balance: culture and art, sports and nature. In addition, the city is fascinating in its architecture, inspiring through its flair and relaxing when it comes to quality of life. There are around 4,000 monuments, a varied gastronomic and cultural scene as well as a fantastic surrounding area, including a lake landscape on the outskirts of the city that will inspire you.

Happy in Görlitz: they did it!

Live in Görlitz

Görlitz is authentic, lively and diverse. Evolved through different eras and facing the future, our city is a place where life in the heart of Europe is particularly beautiful.

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Work in Görlitz

Professional careers have good prospects on both sides of the Neisse River within the diverse economic structures of the European city. Here there are simply jobs with prospects…for more!

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Visit Görlitz

Discover a city from its most beautiful side! Around 4,000 monuments from different eras create a backdrop that has already inspired international film stars.

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Become a Görlitz resident

Görlitz has impressed you…and the European city just won’t let you go? Great, then come back and stay. We’ll be happy to show you how easy it can be.

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This project has received funding from tax resources on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Parliament of the Free State of Saxony.

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