Many people seem to stare with their mouths open, when taking their first stroll through Görlitz. Where to start looking with 4,000 architectural monuments around; grand buildings from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and Wilhelminian era? Görlitz is home to great historical evidence from more than 500 years of European building history, uncompromised by wars. A specialty are the hall houses as evidence for the rich European trade history, set at a prominent Cultural Route, the Royal Highway (Via Regia). Görlitz is seeking acceptance as a UNESCO world heritage site. The hall houses of Görlitz play a big part in this. Görlitz Monument

The Polish part of the European Town is called Zgorzelec. It’s a lively place, the town attracts guests with its offers for shopping and free-time activities. Especially during the warm months of the year, the restaurants at the river Neiße are popular with tourists, as they enjoy the evening sun as well as the view across the river on to the Görlitz Old Town silhouette.
Right among the restaurants lies house No. 12 Ulica Daszynskiego. It was home of the well-known son of Görlitz, theosophist Jakob Böhme (1575–1624). Another distinctive landmark of Zgorzelec is Dom Kultury, built at the turn of the 20th century as a commemoration hall. Today it is home of the cultural house of Zgorzelec. Explore Zgorzelec

The impressive appearance of Görlitz also attracts international film producers. At the scenes of so called “Görliwood”, many blockbusters were shot, such as “Grand Budapest Hotel”, “Inglorious Basterds”, “The Reader”, “Around the world in 80 days.” Stars like Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jackie Chan and Ralph Fiennes have worked here and put their names in the town’s golden guestbook. „Thank you Görlitz for being the best location ever – best possible place for us to make The Grand Budapest Hotel! Thank you.” Jeff Goldblum rhapsodised: „A million thanks, Görlitz. Best time ever!“ In 2017, Görlitz was awarded “European Film Location of the Decade”. Görliwood



Stars like the great settings and the town’s hospitality both in Görlitz and Zgorzelec. Try your own experience in cosy restaurants, cafés among mediaeval buildings or while joining one of many cultural events with European flair in the German-Polish European town. Go on a shopping tour or recreate at the lake nearby. Görlitz has many great sights to offer. The international Street Theatre Festival Via Thea and the Old Town Fest, as well as the Jakuby-Fest in Zgorzelec, are highlights for guests during the course of every year. Highlight Events

The geographical situation in the border triangle makes Görlitz the perfect starting point for trips into the surrounding areas. The Giant Mountains (Karkonosze) in the East, the Zittau mountains in the south, and the UNESCO world heritage site of the Fürst-Pückler-Park north of Görlitz are easy to be reached. Plus, for those aiming for trips into nearby metropolis, Görlitz is a good start to get to Wroclaw, Dresden or Prague. Trips

Right in the outskirts of Görlitz lies the Berzdorfer lake. The former lignite pit mine has become a popular resort for recreation and sports. With its 960 ha. surface, the lake offers perfect conditions for sports, while showing a grand view to the Giant Mountains and the Izera Mountains. Sailors, surfers and swimmers, as well as skaters, bikers and joggers will find their spot to enjoy their activities. The lake is an inviting location to lay down and take in the pleasant climate conditions. Berzdorfer Lake

Both Görlitz and Zgorzelec cultivate their neighbouring partnership as a European town, while in other places decisions are made to leave the EU. The two towns stand for what is positive in Europe, the growing as one region after painful separation and exclusion. In 1945, Görlitz was separated due to the border lines established at the Neiße river. The former Eastern part of Görlitz became a Polish town named Zgorzelec. In 1998, Görlitz and Zgorzelec decided to declare themselves a European town in a European region. With Poland’s joining the EU in 2004, the European town Görlitz-Zgorzelec is perceived more in the middle of the continent and became an example for a good cooperation in Europe. Here, people can interact, connect, and realise European dreams – developing a town without borders in two nations. European Town 



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