Learning together, growing together: Education in Görlitz

Education is a top priority in Görlitz, and this is particularly evident in the diversity of its educational institutions. From kindergartens and primary schools to grammar schools and vocational schools, the city offers a wide range of learning centres for children, young people and adults.

Görlitz's educational institutions offer an atmosphere of co-operation and shared growth. It is not just about learning facts, but also about discovering talents, fostering creativity and strengthening community spirit. Innovative teaching methods, interactive learning environments and close co-operation between children, teachers and parents create an inspiring educational environment.

Day care centres

The European City of Görlitz-Zgorzelec and its surrounding area are a paradise for children. There is plenty of space and opportunities for them to try things out. When mum and dad are at work, the little ones experience new adventures every day with their friends at the daycare centre. As well as having fun, it's also about the children's education. Görlitz-Zgorzelec has numerous facilities for this, whether private or municipal, with various educational concepts. In some cases, children can also attend German-Polish daycare centres.

If you are looking for a place in a daycare centre, you can find an overview and lots of information in different languages on the service page of the city of Görlitz:

Görlitz day care centres

Overview of childcare centres in Zgorzelec

Primary schools

In Saxony, primary school comprises grades 1 to 4.

Innovative approaches and exciting projects such as "Healthy Nutrition" at Nikolaigrundschule and participation in the Saxon IT competition at Diesterwegschule characterise everyday school life from the very first years. In Görlitz, you can choose between different types of school: Primary schools at a glance

Good to know: Learning in the European City

As a German-Polish European city, Görlitz has award-winning European schools such as the DPFA Rainbow Primary School and the Augustum-Annen Grammar School, which promote a lively understanding of Europe. Many schools have intensive partnerships with Zgorzelec organisations. This gives pupils an intercultural understanding and an open world view.

Grammar schools and secondary schools

From Year 5, your child will attend a secondary school. In Görlitz, there are two grammar schools and several secondary schools to choose from.

The schools in Görlitz focus on modern learning projects on current topics and emphasise close links with business and society in order to integrate innovative approaches and practical orientation into everyday school life. For example, Augustum-Annen-Gymnasium takes part in the annual "business@school" programme, which gives pupils an insight into the world of business.

Vocational schools

In Görlitz, vocational schools offer comprehensive training for a variety of professional fields. In addition to acquiring vocational qualifications, pupils are also able to obtain general school qualifications.

Vocational schools in Görlitz

Special schools

Pupils who require special educational support over a longer period of time are taught in special schools. Qualifications from other types of school can be obtained at special schools.

Görlitz special schools at a glance

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