The trend towards the east

To take such a drastic step, there must be good reasons and Terence Böhme had them, together with his wife Jenny and their three children: “A year ago we stood on the playground in front of the after-school daycare center after we had walked through the lovingly designed elementary school with grandma Sabine Dohrmann and found out: Hmm, we don’t have anything like that here in Darmstadt,” he says. This “we don’t have it” showed up in other things as well. The grandparents were always far away. And the feelings of being at home only ever came up during the holidays in Görlitz.

They spontaneously drew up a family plan. Of course, work was a weighty factor in this. Terence Böhme is an expert in digital transformation. That’s not something you can give up easily. But can you take it to a part of the country that’s known for its no-signal areas? Terence Böhme gave it a try and talked to his boss and his response surprised him: “Okay, but then you won’t be there alone, we’ll open a new location!” He didn’t know Görlitz until now, but he had probably noticed a trend towards the east. After Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Karlsruhe, now Görlitz. The senior consultant has already been able to recruit a second returnee for Görlitz, and more are welcome, including working students.

The beautiful city on the Neisse River turned out to be a stroke of luck: office space dating back to 1226 was found for the modern business, and the municipal utility was willing to connect the building to the fiber optic network at short notice. The new house that the Böhmes found in Rothenburg also has historical appeal: an art Nouveau villa. So the young family traded new for old and simply took a piece of the new with them: Jenny has created the high-reach blogs and over the past few years, which allow her to work independent of time and location. She also supports the new site in the social media area and in the organization of everyday office life. They are still busy arriving and settling in, but the children have already settled in well at kindergarten and school. Later, like so many returnees and newcomers, the Böhmes hope to get more involved locally.

Are they as happy as can be? Terence thinks for a moment and then frowns. If he ever wants to go back to Frankfurt am Main, it takes far too long to get there by long-distance train from here – that is, without an ICE connection. There is still a lot to do to help the region get back on its feet. The young family can be part of this change.

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