The best of both worlds

It was in 2003, as Dr. Dominika Zalewska well remembers, when she decided with her husband to try a new start. Two incomes as medical doctors, she as a gynecologist, he as an accident surgent, were not enough in their experience to properly take care of their family. They became a couple during their medicine studies in Wroclaw, two of their three children were already around by then. Hence, the decision to be separated during the week was even harder. Jaroslaw Zalewski found a job within a short period of time at the Lower Lusatia clinic of Senftenberg and prepared for many kilometers as a commuter.
“It was not an easy decision for the family”, Dominika Zalewska says, “so, without prospects of a job, I moved with him together with the children.” For one year, she searched, and finally found a job at the clinic in Cottbus and eventually finished training to be a medical specialist for gynecology and obstetrics at the municipal clinic of Görlitz. She still works there besides her job in the ambulant medical care centre of Rothenburg.
“This was the moment, when we got the feeling: Now we arrived here”, both are saying with a nod of their heads. 
They bought a house in Görlitz and are passionate about their work and being there for their patients. “It was only possible because we had a wonderful nanny for our children.” Both say, that the children mostly benefited from growing up basically in two countries. “They naturally move beyond borders.”
The older daughter went for orientation to Canada after her high school time for some months. Now she decided to study and leaves Görlitz for now.
Their middle son is the only Polish pupil on his class accepted at St. Afra near Meißen, a high school for gifted students. The youngest is attending elementary school in Görlitz. All of them are extremely sociable; the happy parents also trace this back to the life in two cultures. “We look for the best in both worlds.” When they built their house, they experienced reliability and quality with German construction companies; when it comes to food they tend to switch, for services like the trusted hair stylist, Dominika Zalewska prefers Polish offers. 
By now, Jaroslaw Zalewski has infected his whole family with his hobby, windsurfing. In his free-time, the medical director, orthopaedist and accident surgent enjoys to be at the Berzdorfer lake within minutes near Görlitz, he praises the strong wind that he often finds there.
In the wintertime, they like to go skiing in the close-by mountains of Poland and Czech Republic. For him, this is a great balance to his job.
His wife already heads towards the next change. She establishes a private practice with colleagues in Zgorzelec, just a stone’s throw away. “My approbation is valid in both countries, so every week I get new patients from England, Ireland and Switzerland. They take vacation to be treated here. For us it’s clear: We stay here.”

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