Beyond Borders: How Taylan and SKAN are breaking new ground together

When Mehmet Taylan Kahraman from Turkey found out about a job at SKAN Deutschland GmbH in Görlitz via LinkedIn and successfully applied for it, it was still a long way to go. In this interview, Taylan and his colleague Rico Hubrich (Talent Acquisition Manager at SKAN) share their experiences and explain why their determination has paid off.

How did your path lead you to Görlitz?

Taylan: I studied Electrical Engineering in Turkey and became aware of SKAN via LinkedIn. After two interviews, I got the job at SKAN and decided to move to Görlitz. I also did some research on the city on social media which definitely affected my decision to move here. Still, it took eight months from my application until I actually started working for the company.

What was your first impression of Görlitz?

Taylan: My first visit to Görlitz for my second interview was in April, and it was rainy. But I already did some research before and liked what I learned about Görlitz as European City as well as Görliwood and all the historic buildings. It’s nice to see the dynamic of the city. It’s not too crowded and not too quiet. I also like that it really is in the heart of Europe: Görlitz is close to Berlin and Prague, but also Dresden and Wroclaw.
When I moved to Görlitz, the company gave me a very warm welcome. My colleagues always support me. But it’s also easy to socialize in Görlitz and to meet people.

You’ve only been in Görlitz for a short time – how do you like the city so far? What do you like about living and working in Görlitz?

Taylan: In general, language is not a big issue in Görlitz. I’m not fluent in German and it’s a complicated language. It’s a challenge for people from abroad. But the more I socialize with people from Görlitz, the better my German becomes.
There’ a lot you can do in the city, whether you like sports, music or going to cafés and restaurants. I’m especially looking forward to all the festivals taking place in the summer and to swimming in the lake.
Coming from Turkey to Görlitz, I quite liked that there are other Turkish people living in the city I could connect with. I’m also looking forward to the development of the DZA because it seems that even more international people will come to Görlitz in the future. In addition, more people from abroad will join our team at Skan soon, even from Turkey. I will do my best to support them as well.

It’s impressive that your company is recruiting employees internationally. How do you approach people abroad and why?

Rico Hubrich (Talent Acquisition Manager): As an international company headquartered in Switzerland, it was important for us to find the best talent worldwide. Given the specific requirements of Taylan's position, it was clear that we also had to look internationally for suitable candidates. As our company operates in the medical field, German, Swiss German and English are the common languages at work. It was therefore important for us to hire someone who is fluent in English and also has a basic knowledge of German.
Taylan was the first employee from a non-European country we hired and the experience with him was extremely positive. He made us more familiar with the complex process of international recruitment. Although it has been a long journey, the patience has definitely paid off. Taylan is now a valuable contact person for new colleagues from abroad and is happy to share his experience and advice with them.
These positive experiences have encouraged us to hire more employees from abroad. Soon we will be able to welcome a new employee from Turkey with his family. This is a good example of learning by doing. We also have good contacts with local organizations such as the Well Come AG in Görlitz that helps new foreign employees to settle in the city.

Although you’ve only been in Görlitz for a short time, you might already have some favourite spots in the city. How do you like to spend your time in Görlitz?

Taylan: *laughing* Last august, I went to a club called “Nostromo” together with my colleagues. It was the weekend the famous festival “Altstadtfest “ took place in Görlitz and I really enjoyed that trip. I also like the historical church “St. Peter und Paul” and all the cafés. There are still a lot of places to explore in Görlitz.


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Text: Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH
Photo: SKAN Deutschland GmbH

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