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Görlitz in Germany, Zgorzelec in Poland – a double town on both sides of the river Neiße. Right within a European region reaching to Czech Republic. Borders play smaller roles now; the European idea gets to life here, also visible on the labour market.
Many branches feel at home now besides the machine and vehicle construction sites of SIEMENS and BOMBARDIER.
There are aspiring IT and communication businesses, companies from medical technology, as well as the textile and apparel industry with its beacon BIRKENSTOCK. They all benefit from this border crossing situation of the European town. Production site expansions, notable new establishments and start-ups prove the location’s attraction. There are also more and more offers within the tourism sector.

There are more women than men working in Görlitz; in part, because most employees are active in the fields of health, social services and education. The municipal clinic alone has 1,300 staff members. On No. 2 rank trading jobs and positions in the administration. In Görlitz, the District Office with an efficient municipal administration have their place. The production industry ranks No. 3 with numbers of employees.

Görlitz-Zgorzelec also attracts a growing number of creatives and freelancers. They often benefit from the potential of the university, many free spaces and available affordable industrial real estates. Young creatives, and those young at heart, can quickly find like-minded people and get connected. They all enjoy the vivid cultural surrounding and the inspiring atmosphere of the German-Polish European town.  
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Work in Görlitz

Introducing Companies

Many companies placed in Görlitz and around have an international approach and orientation. Staff members from many countries support their businesses. We like to introduce some of them to you.

Municipal Clinic Görlitz GmbH

On the highest medical level


Siemens Görlitz

Research and Development for the Future



Görlitz – Heart of Europe’s Shoe Production


Family Business Kunze

Intensive support for foreign employees


St. Carolus Hospital Görlitz

A friendly clinic with high professional competence and pleasant atmosphere


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