Siemens Görlitz

Research and Development for the Future

The world-wide business with industrial steam turbines for Siemens is lead from Görlitz. Industrial steam turbines, developed, planned and manufactured in Görlitz, are used in biomass power plants, solar thermal plants and plants with combined energy production and heat extraction.
For Görlitz, Siemens with its 800 staff members is an important industrial employer. Considering this responsibility, Siemens in Görlitz will actively take part in the structural transformation. On the production site in town, an innovation campus as well as a “start-up-accelerator” will be established by Siemens, the federal country Saxony, and Fraunhofer[CS1] .

These measures shall invite further companies of the technology and industry sector, as well as start-ups and research institutes to settle here. The focus is set on digitalization, automation, power engineering and innovative material and production technology.

On the future campus, Siemens and Fraunhofer will establish a lab for the research of generation, storing and usage of hydrogen. Thanks to this, Görlitz is supposed to grow as a centre of competence for hydrogen technologies.
In addition, Siemens will continue its activities on the fields of R&D[CS2] , especially on the segment of decarbonised industrial processes.

Staff members of Siemens will put effort into gaining knowledge on how hydrogen technologies may minimize CO2 emissions in energy-intensive industries and provide solutions for new, climate-friendly storage technologies.

As a contribution to climate policies 2050 and the structural transformation in the region Lusatia, Siemens will reconstruct its production site into a CO2-neutral plant until 2025. To reach this goal, the overall energy consumption will be reduced and process heat for the production of the steam turbines will be generated in a more sustainable way.

This project has received funding from tax resources on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Parliament of the Free State of Saxony.

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