Diversity of Housing

To live in the European town Görlitz-Zgorzelec is living within a diverse surrounding. May it be in one of the 4,000 architectural monuments or in a new building, for rent or as property. This town offers lots of attractive space and affordable prices.
The town’s diversity in architecture is visible with attractive flats in the old town and the Wilhelminian era quarter. Big squares and green areas provide a pleasant surrounding to live in.
This is also true for the neighbouring counties of Görlitz and Zgorzelec with idyllic villages and charming medium-sized and small towns. A growing number of young families feel attracted to enjoy the slow life in balance with nature and regional traditions.
The municipal housing society Kommwohnen GmbH is happy to assist clients with their search four suitable space to live. Kommwohnen is much more than a renter. Its staff members especially encourage and accompany “newcomers” to their region with friendliness and service in several languages. See more for Kommwohnen

Here you can find more housing companies seated in Görlitz.

Overview to available space and estate property, average rent and property prices in Zgorzelec.

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Housing in the European Town

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