Görlitz: Where leisure time is unlimited

Let’s go! – unique discoveries

Görlitz, like its surroundings, is a perfect starting point for boundless discoveries and all kinds of active undertakings. There is no limit to your free time here! The Zittau Mountains, the Giant Mountains or the Jizera Mountains: the path to get there is short – but beautiful. Because the border triangle, like Upper Lusatia, is a special kind of cultural-historical and scenic region that stretches south from Görlitz to Germany’s smallest low mountain range. The region can be explored and discovered on well-developed cycling and hiking trails, on mobile tours by car, or in the Zittau Mountains, on the small-gauge railroad, which puffs and steams its way up to Oybin, a monolith that looks like a beehive and which already enchanted Casper David Friedrich. In winter you can cross the mountains on cross-country trails and ski slopes, in summer by hiking or on downhill tours through the forests. You can sail the Neisse River by rubber dinghy and if you prefer a fresh breeze, Berzdorf Lake awaits you!



Just outside the city for sunbathers, cyclists and captains

Berzdorf Lake is located directly in front of the (southern) gates of the city and covers a water area of almost 1,000 hectares. Originally used as an open-cast mine, the lake and surrounding landscape have become a true natural paradise, perfect for bathing and swimming, surfing and sailing, cycling, skating and hiking. Relaxing moments as well as active exercise can be experienced on beautiful sandy beaches such as the “Blue Lagoon” or on the all-round bike course. This is ensured by numerous tourism concepts, gastronomic offers or individual use options – just as you like it!

Berzdorf Lake

Experience art & culture: between spectacle and inspiration

In terms of culture, a well-filled calendar of events provides artistic spectacles and cultural highlights that continue to delight thousands of residents and visitors year after year. Original markets, lively street theater and colorful city festivals, classical theater and modern dance, changing exhibitions and museums rich in tradition create the framework for impressive settings, encounters and experiences. On both sides of the Neisse River, the European City inspires artists and bon vivants, residents and guests, young and old with its very special flair. Art & culture in Görlitz are signs of a lively city that travels on varied terrain between history, the present and the future – and has a lot to offer.

Calendar of events

Find equal minds promptly

The European town Görlitz-Zgorzelec and its surroundings are pleasantly quiet in contrast to metropolises. People do not spend half their day in traffic jam. Citizens can move freely without stepping onto the tiptoes of others. Yet, you don’t have to feel lonely here. Find your way to join initiatives and clubs in the field of sports, culture and diverse free-time activities.
Be part of it in the club house or in a garden area, with tight regulations or be it easy-going – there are offerings to everyone. There are about 450 clubs and organisations in Görlitz. It’s a great feeling not to be alone and meet like-minded fellows.

Overview for clubs in Görlitz (German)

There are also many initiatives and organisations in Zgorzelec, which help you to be connected.

Clubs in Zgorzelec (Polish)

Civic engagement

The Engaged City and Volunteer Agency Görlitz is the contact point for committed people. On the associated interactive digital platform, interested parties will find a knowledge blog and idea platform for the exchange of experiences and ideas from association work, a resource pool, exciting further education dates and a digital volunteer exchange. Those who prefer to be informed personally about engagement topics are cordially invited to make a personal appointment.

Engaged City Görlitz

Foto: Görlitz für Familien e.V.

Foto: Paul Glaser
Foto: Nikolai Schmidt
Foto: Philipp Herfort

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